metaphorical trailer
title image (animation) - inner second comicbookcover
character design - protagonist
additional character designs
the 3 main characters - early character cards
early concept art
explaining the fictional place 'B-City'
Sander's house - VERY QUICK scribble for room orientation :D
further character explorations
logo explorations
comicbook design
comicbook issue - chapter 0
world-fitting advertisement designs
Augmented Reality animations for all 3 comicbook covers (trigger warning)
social media ads
marketing and merchandise pattern sheets
celebrating halloween - the maint event in B-City
additional character illustrations
additional animations
musicalbumcover redesigns (inspirations) as chapter covers - for chapter 1-7&9
Guess the covers for a little bit of fun! hint: 70s.
Check out the official page right here:​​​​​​​
Thank you so much for experiencing my first published comicbook!
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