A personal project for training called 'Babushka-Shaman' (=Grandmother-Shaman in Russian). Unfortunately I couldn't finish the actual storyboard with about 25 frames. Here are my explorations, at least.
The following storyboard is my dream project coming to life. I already work on it for many years by now. At first a hobby, which turned out to become my main portfolio work. It's going to be the continuation to 'City of Liars', which is now available on some online platforms.
This animatic is basically the storyboard here, but uncensored. Viewer discretion is advised.
The last one is a roughly sketched storyboard made within minutes for the upcoming small animation for 'City of Liars'. This is how my first sketch process looks like.
As I only did storyboards for myself up until now, they are more rough than usual. Obviously, I am able to draw them properly for clients.
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