Fitting cover illustration inspired by various artists, called
'Hidden Preferences' 
Featured on 'Design Made In Germany'.
GEM AR is the name of the app which was created for my master thesis.
The idea comes from the term 'hidden gem' and explains a concept for prints which contain hidden erotic content.
Using an app lets the content pop up on top of your blank comic page !
Nobody other than you see the content of a print with custom preferences and settings.
For example, you may customize your own characters for comics.
The ones YOU prefer.
And it'll be animated !!
Such an idea would have our all interests completely covered ;)
I started with a light (left) and dark (right) version. But I only intended to keep it simple with only one variation of each.
When you click on the settings while in the AR mode, you get the right screen.
The buttons on the light version are different from the ones from the dark theme. Simply to try some things out~​​​​​​​
Unfortunately, the prototype couldn't look as nice as the mockups. But it has a good functionality made with Unity and Vuforia.
Custom icons for 'sexuality' and 'body types'
For this post the example comic 'The Alpinist' was uploaded into Artivive. Download the app and try it out yourself :)
Although customizable content isn't possible this way.
That's what you'll get !
Alternative sketch of my thesis cover.
Tests with colors and styles.
Entry for a fitting 18+ contest to the topic 'Social Distancing', where I got featured.
Alternative comic idea about the following topic from a scientific paper:
'Youth and Pornography'
I tried my current art style to that point (left) versus another, modern one (right). But it didn't feel as fluid as my trained one, so I stick to it, also to the color palette, which I've been familiar with.
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