Interactive Audio & Video — MA semester project

The first game I created solely by myself, yay!
For our 'Interactive Audio & Video' course I wanted to realize a personal dream as a project: a Visual Novel.
The theme was 'loops' which was very easy to combine within my project.
What I tried to accomplish was a better version of current games of that genre, short: 'Visual Novel 2.0'.
I tried to create an interesting story with interesting interactions, to improve the art style with an own abstract one inspired by Japanese ink paintings and to let the music change regarding to which choices the player is taking. The music samples are from the 'Chinese instruments' package from Garageband itself.
The story is about a 'Little Dragon' who is falling from his home, a nest in the mountains, trying to find his way back. On his journey he can either explore a lot or he can just try to get as fast as possible back home. But if he didn't find out much about his surroundings, his task wouldn't been finished, so he just falls over and over again until the game sees his mission completed.

I created the game with Ren'py, Atom, Photoshop and Garageband.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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